Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ty Favorites

Here's just a few favorites of Ty's lately....

He loves the mop and mop bucket, anything to do with cleaning
He LOVES bellybuttons
He loves olives, hotdogs, chicken fingers, frosting, cheetos, grapes, french fries
He loves running, hiding, swinging, hanging on bars, going on runs
He loves his puppies, and kit-cat (our cat)
He LOVES Home- Depot and tools
He loves music dancing and spinning
Electronics... phones, computers, plugs, fans


TheKeilShpeel said...

Love this post..It's fun to hear what he's into. Love that bottom pic of you too.

Brianne & Jarod said...

Kates...he is so precious. I just can't believe what a little MAN he is turning into. ADORABLE!! And as always...AMAZINGLY cute pictures of him!! I just want to reach out and kiss him, but he would probably run away from me before I got the chance!

Mueller Family said...

I love the picture of him in the bucket with the dogs keeping an eye on things. Hope you guys have a great holiday season.