Friday, April 30, 2010

A balloon graveyard

It was a sad sight when we saw this.... but all good things must come to an end I suppose.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

When your 3 year old thinks he's funny...

(Yes that is he's shirt on his legs... legs in arm holes and all!)


What do you get when you cross a crazy mom and a funny dad.... 142 balloons.

I don't really know what we were thinking, but one day T got a balloon from the grocery store and was so enamored with it that I got the thought what would he do if he woke up to a room full of balloons. That then got me thinking, well
his b'day is coming up soon what if we did it for his b'day. So we rented a small helium tank and bought a bag of balloons and this is what we
got.... We woke up at 6:30 am (too early!!!) with a "Mommy come look there's balloons in my
room" He LOVED it. This is what I found when I
came into his room. It was definitely worth the $30 helium rental. As you can see even though we used helium grade balloons they didn't stay
all up, but most did and he loved it. Since it was just us this week we decided to let him open his presents first thing in the morning. He got an RC car and a chef's coat. Both which all day we'd hear I love my c car AND my chef coat.... It was great to have actually gotten him gifts that he liked.

We had invited 2 of T's friends over to a very impromptu party- we went to the castle park, came back and played outside, had yummy hamburgers and fries, and of course a fire truck cake. His friends were so cute, Dan gave him a monster truck that he won't let out of his sight and Max gave him a zhu zhu pet that he's also had fun with. All in all I think he had himself a pretty great birthday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The First fruits

We LOVE strawberries in our family, especially T man. A month or so ago we went to the Home Depot (on a side note if you ask T it's HIS store and HIS favorite store... of course it would be) and looked around at the different veggies we wanted for our garden. We saw some cool wine barrels that I've seen before but they've always been expensive. I'd called a few wineries in the area to see if they sold them cheaper but to no avail. But this day Brian called and he found one that sells them $25 for the
whole barrel and $15 for
half. Since we have the tools we bought 2 whole barrels and B sawed them in half. (The barrels at any of the home and garden places are usually $36 for a half... so we felt pretty good about our barrels.) We planted about 6 or so strawberry plants. T has loved watching them grow and watering them. (we only have had about 3 lessons in NOT shoveling in "this" dirt...) This week T got to pick our first one of the season. He shoved the whole thing in his mouth so I can't tell you what I thought of it, but he said it was YUMMMY! I can't wait we have another handful that will be ready in a day or so- and don't you worry I WILL be having one of them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

you scream we scream we all scream for....


T loved going to ColdStone and getting his OWN ice cream cone- YUM!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Row Row Row your boat

Ok ok so I know I'm not going to win "Parent of the Year" award with this... but no I don't stay in the bathroom with T while he takes a bath. I'm generally cleaning up our two rooms (both which are connected to the bathroom we have what they like to call a jack and jill bathroom) or working (aka emailing) on my computer. But I am listening so that if it gets real quiet or lots of coughing I'm there in a jiff... Last week I was doing the later- working on my computer and actually this time I really working on pictures I hear T get out of the bath tub. I look up and there he was naked with his potty stool upside down full to the top with water and his dinosaurs. Of course I quickly asked what he was doing- his response- "Silly mommy they escaped on the boat?" ahh little boys


So yesterday we were out doing all kinds of errands when Ty said "mommy" (He had been talking non-stop all day, and repeating himself, so I have to admit I only answered half heartedly) But he said "mommy" again so I turned around and this is what I saw with an "I love you so much" Life can't get much better than this moment. Sorry this picture isn't very good... I was using B's phone camera...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bowling... fun for all

Brian and I needed to get out of the house one day so we grabbed Ty and headed to Folsom to the one and only bowling alley. (I know can you believe that only 1 bowling alley....) T man had so much fun and as you can see with the help of a ramp and bumpers he did fairly well.

Look how close our scores were....
He loved waiting and watching for his ball to return! I was so afraid he'd get his head hit...
Look how cute his little bowling shoes are!!!

My Little Chef

T LOVE LOVE LOVES to help B in the kitchen. It is so nice that B has the patience to let him, most of the time when I let him help me we both end up in tears.... ha but most of the time like this one they have fun!