Friday, May 29, 2009

Where did May go...

Yes friends- it's been 2 weeks since I last wrote you all... I'd like to say that not much has gone on, but that would be a lie. So- I'll do my best to be as entertaining and informative as I possibly can. HA

If you look close you'll see the fun with markers Ty had- feet, lips, face.....


no- yu'da ho... I know probably a little too racy for some of you reading this, but that's always what I think when I say Idaho. Did you know you can get 5.7 acres and a 2800 sq feet house for $230,000 in ID? It's amazing! So Dad and Uncle Vern flew out to do some fencing on the farm so we decided to join and help. Well let's rephrase that, Brian went to help around the farm and me and Ty around the house.

The boys would leave about 7:30 in the morning and get back around 5 or 6 that evening. Riley TY and I kept busy cleaning house, doing laundry, weeding, picking up hoses, broken flower pots, more weeding, trimming trees, and did I mention more weeding? AND I might mention that I get the good wife award as I usually had dinner close to ready by the time the got home- AND my rolls turned out pretty darn good if I do say so... My brother Dan and his family joined us on Saturday evening. Poor Dave- he went from 1 person in the house to 10- to Brian and I it was nothing, to him culture shock- LOL. We were able to meet Tawnie, Dave's girlfriend- she met us at church and I somehow conned her into sunday dinner... muuuwaaahhhaa (my evil laugh) Very nice girl from Smithfield. (I mean she put up with Brian harassing her so she can't be too bad)

On Memorial day we went for a "picnic" out at the farm that turned into a 6 hour event. We first stopped by Maggie and Nathan Smith's grave in Treasureton and Dad told us stories about his crazy Uncle William (Bill) and how he gave Dad a pig's tail for his b'day once... and how Maggie and Nathan founded Smithfield but were ousted when they didn't want to take the Desert News but wanted the Tribune... It was sad that they lost I think 7 or 8 or their children almost all before the age of 2... but it was a good family history moment. Then onto the farm

Well it had been raining since Saturday and it was very muddy. We tried to go up and around the farm but didn't make it too far as it was too muddy and couldn't get up the hill... so off to a random campsite place for a picnic- in the rain. Ty and Kyle loved being outside and running free. Ty is a little to independent and curious for my liking so we had to keep a close eye as there was a stream/ river/ current close... but all in all it was fun.

After that little adventure we decided to go to Soda Springs- they have a natural spring that has soda water that comes out of the ground. It was pretty cool, tasted like seltzer water, had a funky after taste, but definitely cool to see. PLUS they had a park with tee ter toters for big kids and a playground that Kyle and Ty loved!

It was fun being with my family. We don't get to spend much time together, but when we do it's always a party! ha ha ha


Well, after all our fun in Las Vegas we headed up north to Utah. We stayed in our empty house on air mattresses for a couple of days while I worked, good thing we had at least a roll of TP ... hee hee. We were able to go to our favorite pool, had fun with friends and neighbors, and just had fun. We truly miss all of our friends and neighbors we have in UT. It's amazing some of the deals you can find grocery shopping in UT... after a couple days of camping out in our house (which just as a side note, is not going to be ours in 30-45 days from now... we hope!) Anyways we picked up my Dad from the airport and headed to ID. Last stop on the way to Rexburg to take Riley to BYU-I.

Las Vegas

Amongst everything else we were able to have a little break in Las Vegas for Brittney and Derek's Wedding. It was in St. George at a golf course and was beautiful. Britt and Derek did an amazing job planning. I helped with the second shooting for photography and will have those up in a week or so- so keep those eyes open for a link... We were able to stay in Las Vegas with our Auntie Em and Kal (Ty decided that Kallen and Hal needed only one name...and called them both the same name) We had lots of fun swimming, playing sequence (fun game, but Kallen and I are sure Brian and Emily were cheating somehow...) eating of course and late night talks. I miss my Emily... But I am going to get her first born- I think she and Kallen are in denial about this fact but Miss Liddy, Liberty, Ima, Tana, Ura  Kidder is going to marry Ty. I even have their first kiss to prove it.. hee hee 

Thanks Em and Kallen for all the fun We love you guys!

Why I've been away for a month...

It's been crazy busy! Because of the wonderful economic crisis people aren't buying magazines like they used to- and especially not scrapbook ones. So when one photographer quit my bosses decided that my partner and I would take over the other 2 magazines doing 3 out of the 5 magazines- for the same pay .... but at least it's a job. We had our one magazine down to an art, but alas now we're having to do some actual thinking. It's nice to do something different but the new ones are suppose to be "hip" and I guess I'm just not that "hip" so it's a learning process. So far I think they are really liking our work, which is good- but it makes much long work months for me and my monsters that I leave at home while in UT. But if you're ever in Roberts, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby, and rumors say Barnes and Nobles and see a Scrapbook Trends, Idea book (holiday, mini album) or a Simply Handmade magazine- those are mine. Covers and all.... 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alex's wedding pictures

I've posted some of Alex and Nick's images from their wedding on my website. 

Go to
client log-in password is balmforth0409

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Parkway Half Marathon

So I'm not sure why I thought a half marathon would be a good idea- but I did. So I signed everyone up- Mom & Dad Butler, Riley, Kaitlin, Kevin, Brian and I. (Ty of course came along for the ride) Ok ok so I know why I encouraged everyone to do it-
1. It's a huge accomplishment
2. You KNOW you can do hard things
3. You can't be a sissy
4. It humbles you, pushes you, and tells you who you are
5. my husband made me... I told Brian no babies until I ran another one and he thinks Ty needs a playmate
6. Cuz I like pain and to cause others pain (hee hee)
7. The walkway was beautiful
8. Free food, t-shirt, and medal
9. It seemed like a good idea at the time
10.It's not always about the finish but the people you meet and who you are with along the way, the sites you get to see along the path, and lessons you learn.