Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice Skating

Way back in December... yikes is it really the 8th of January already??? On a side note where did December and Christmas and New Years go to???

Anyways as I was saying- early in December we all went ice skating for FHE. We had a blast! I am NOT a competent skater so I took a bench view, but T had so much fun with his Daddy, Aunts. Uncle, and Gran! The rink had rubbermaid buckets that they turned upside down so that the kids could use them like walkers to go around the rink. T got ahold of one and was off like a rocket, although he really just liked holding everyone's hand and going with the big kids. For the week after all I heard was "Can we go Ice Skating today?" .... maybe I will have an ice hockey player after all....