Friday, March 28, 2008

Clean clean clean

So I wish I was dialed into grabbing my camera when Ty gets silent, and take some pictures before I take away his fun... Just as I was finishing up our gazillion posts I go to find Ty. And where do you ask he was, yes friends in the bathroom with the toilet bowl brush cleaning the toilet bowl. One point I'm glad he knows and wants to help clean but on the other hand, THE TOILET BOWL? Eww gross yuck! 

It's only been a month..

Sorry to everyone out there, hope you haven't given up on us and our blog. It's just been a crazy couple of weeks and if I didn't write then everything that's happening wasn't reality. My creative director for the magazine called me and said that the company was having budget cuts. I could either fire my partner and do it all myself or  we could take a monthly $1000 pay cut... I didn't think it was right to save myself and let Kristy fend for herself, so we stuck to our guns and told them it was both at the same pay or neither of us. So our house is on the market (if anyone is looking, its new. 3 bed 2.5 bath, lots of upgrades, in a good neighborhood....) Brian and I went to the Temple and prayed a whole lot as to what we should do. We felt that we are to move to CA. We don't know when, depends on when the house sells here and when Brian gets a job out there. It'll be in the Northern areas around El Dorado Hills and Folsom. We, well I, am really sad to move. I love my house and neighbors and the area we live, but the song that I just have to keep singing is I will go, I will do the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord provides a way He wants be to obey... just as an interesting side note, this all happened about 3-4 weeks ago, and just yesterday we got a call that my boss doesn't want to loose us and so we still have our jobs at our normal pay, but we know we've got to go. So I'll just keep working until the house sells or the end of the Magazine year. Interesting what happens when you stick to your guns and stick up for yourself... Anyone is CA looking for a good photographer :)  

Family Pictures

Well I, Katie, couldn't miss a trip to Vegas without seeing my good friends at BLR Photography. I wanted to share with everyone the link to look at them. Hope you enjoy! Thank you so much Brit for all your time chasing our little monster around! And Mel it was so great to see you too!

Hey Baby let's go to Vegas!

Ty and his "Cousin" Issac.. aren't they both just so cute!

Mom and some of her bestest Buddies, Auntie Bri and Auntie Em... We just can't get enough of them. I mean who else can you act like this with? Elmo? Snuffalupagus? We were
grateful that we got to spend some time with the Stewarts and the Kidders. It's been a
while since we laughed that hard and nothing.  Brian and Mom only hope we didn't scare Kallen and Auntie Em too much.  Sorry I pulled EVERYTHING out at your house!  

 Me, Ty, having way too much fun at the park running around and loving the swing.  Auntie Bri and Jarod with my pal Issac, and Auntie Em and Kallen with my Vegas Puppy Hal (We like to share kisses...) 

Auntie Bri thought it would be funny to give me a sour patch kid.. I actually liked it once all the sour stuff was gone!

The Butlers (yes all of us)
We had a wonderful Easter dinner over and Uncle Greg's house! Gran and Aunt Drea (you'll have to take your name up with Brian..) made yummy corned beef and rolls while Aunt Brit made my favorite potatoes and green beans, hum yum! Everyone was actually there, so of course we couldn't miss the opportunity for a photo... We are a happy Family

No monkey buisness

Somedays I get to work with mom in model homes, on those days I get Mr. Monk E. to hang with ... he keeps me close to mom and mostly out of breakables