Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's official

Tyler is officially walking... talk about a tornado of disaster... and to top it off he has his third tooth (this one is on the top) good thing we love him

Merry Christmas

So we're not professionals at the videoing stuff, but thought some of you might get a kick out of our Christmas day.... He wasn't feeling the best, so smiles were few for the camera, but he loved all his new toys and books!

Yew Haw on Video

Tyler's First Present....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cabin Fun with Conni Nick and Alina

We had so much fun a few weeks ago playing out at a cabin in Spanish Fork Canyon with Conni, Nick, and of course Alina. We played games, watched movies, ate good food, and laughed at our two munch kins. They seemed to want what ever the other had whether it was binkys, books, or treats it didn't matter. They also got in plenty of flirting... So glad they called and asked us to come!

Temple Square

Yeah I've always loved Temple Square at Christmas time, so I was ecstatic when Brian wanted to go for FHE. Tyler loved all the lights, he just kept looking back and forth from one side to the next trying to gather it all in. After walking around Brian surprised me by taking us on a Carriage ride. It has always been a dream of mine, We loved every minute of it!

Candy Canes

Someone, Tyler to be exact has decided that he LOVES candy canes. He first got a taste for them when he stole Dad's out of his mouth... it's been downhill since then. Beware if you have a candy cane around Ty you might not have one for much longer...

Yew Haw

An early Christmas present for Tyler from Gran and Papa Joe- He kicked off his boots about 2 seconds before I got this picture, but luckily his hat stayed on... he loves this horse even if he isn't 2 yet

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just in case anyone is having a bad day...

Look what I can do...

Yes Folks.... this is what it looks like, my 7 month old is standing on his own now... man I was just getting the house baby proofed for all the speed crawling, but that wasn't enough. He kneels and then pulls himself up standing either on his own or with the help of toys or furniture. He's like the Tazmanian Devil. Everywhere he goes he goes fast and furious, even now up all the stairs. We're currently working on how to go down the stairs, that the plant stands are not there for him to balance and walk with, the plant dirt is not for playing in, and that electrical cords are not for eating. But boy he does make my life entertaining.

Brian's Surgery

I'm sorry to have alarmed many you... but we thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Brian had surgery on his shoulder the 21st of November. Happy B'day to him... he had torn one of his muscles playing volleyball and flag football about a month earlier , and then after an MRI and x-rays the Dr found that he also had a genetic disorder that caused his bone to be pointed versus rounded. The two together were not helping each other and causing him terrible pain. So, Dr. Richins went in and ground down his bone and anchored his muscle to his bone. The surgery went well. He did have an allergic reaction to demerol when in the recovery room, so we were there a few hours longer than planned. He's doing much better now. He only has 3 tiny little scars where they went in. They took out the stitches on Tues and told him he didn't have to wear his sling all the time. He's having a hard time sleeping at night as he usually tosses and turns lots and the meds seems to only take the edge off, but he's progressing a lot and able to move his arm much more. I just look forward to the day he can play with Ty and the puppies again.

Friday, November 30, 2007


oh boy, so as I was driving home from the hospital waiting for Brian to get out of surgery I started thinking of all the things I had to be thankful for, not such a good idea as it began a watershed of tears. But I thought I would share...

My loving, wonderful husband
The cutest baby in the world (of course I'm not biased...)
Both to whom I'm sealed to for time and all eternity
Our families near and far
Dave for helping with everything after Brian's surgery
Mom Butler for coming out and babysitting her baby Brian for me and saving me
All my wonderful friends
My home
My job
Priesthood blessings
caring neighbors

Who would of thought that a birthday dinner 3 years ago would bring me to this... This wasn't everything but just wanted you all to know how grateful we are for all of you!

My first hockey game

We took Ty to his first hockey game last month... I know this is a bit late, but I thought ya'll might like it. He loved watching the puck and the players go back and forth, but wasn't much of a fan of all the noise especially our cheering. Ashley and I played with Tyler outside the arena while Scott and Brian enjoyed the last period.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. We were in charge of decorating for the ward Halloween party and so we decided to decorate the gym with pumpkins. On Monday we were busy carving, well actually Brian was busy carving pumpkins... and we thought it would be fun to stick Tyler in one. He didn't seem to mind it untill we tried to make him sit in it. Then on Tuesday we got all dressed up for the party, Brian in his kilt, me as farmer Joe and Ty as Tigger. I was so happy that Ty actually fit into it. My brother Dave had given it to me for my Winnie the Pooh about 8 years ago. As you can tell we had lots of fun putting him in things... hee hee He's just so cute you want to pinch his cheeks... I know I'm biased but really do thet get any more cute!

GO Aggies

So their football team might not be the best this year- at least they've scored a few goals, but their RUGBY team is something else. I don't know how many of you have seen a rugby game before, but let me tell you I still have no clue what happened. I only knew who won cuz Dave told me. We headed up to Logan last saturday to see my brother David play as their hooker.And no Emily, it's a different type of hooker... We had lots of fun watching and cheering. Ty's not sure about the loud cheering, but loved watching the ball and the pile ups! Uncle Dave is the one on the blue team with just white socks on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our little Man in the leaves

Thanks to Suzee we got our fall family pictues! (ps for those following our day to day- I have to apologize to Suz- She did know what a tin foil dinner was, just hadn't had one before and didn't know how to make them...We love you Suzee!) Tyler was so facinated with the leaves, it was hard to get him to look up and smile at us. He loves being outside though. He has his two bottom teeth now and loves to sharpen them on mom and dad's fingers much to our pleadings. He rolls around everywhere and if given the choice he'd walk with our help everywhere (just doesn't have the balance yet) He stares at pretty girls and charms them all with his smiles (I'm afraid of what I have ahead of me in a few years...) Uncle Dave came down last week and we had lots of fun hanging out with him.
Brian played volleyball last Wednesday at the church, flag football on Saturday and now he can barely walk, can't move his arm and hurts all over... we're just hoping he didn't tear anything.
Katie's had a rough week with Tyler not sleeping at night... makes her a bit grumpy during the day :) (I was very grateful for the 4 hour nap Brian gave me yesterday!!!!) We went out and picked pumpkins yesterday I love the fall- now if only the snow would hold off for another 2 months

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tyler likes to help mom out in the mornings trying to get the house in order.... and he likes to unfold the laundry and play peek a boo in the basket

Somedays I just can't get enough pictures taken of him. It seems like Tyler is changing faster than I can click the shutter... He's got two front teeth, starting to get the army crawl down, and loves to play with his puppies. This morning he and Harley decided they were going to play tug of war. Tyler did a pretty good job holding on and Harley did a good job of letting Ty win. We were taking family pictures for a family in our ward and of course Ty had to be the geuine pig to make sure the settings were right. I was lucky to get this smile as he wasn't feeling very good.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We went camping down in Kodachrome Basin a few weeks ago with some friends the Andersons. We taught them all about tin foil dinners and dutch oven cooking... I never knew there were people out there that didn't know what a tin foil dinner was... ha ha we had lots of fun. Suzee and I went to BYU together and had fun doing our "photogy" stuff with our husbands and kids. It was perfect during the day for hiking and then got really cold at night. But we just bundled up close to the fire. Tyler loved being outside. He didn't want to go into the tent when it was time for bed! Even though it was perfect hiking weather the first day the second day the clouds rolled in and down poured on us. It was lots of fun! Here's just a few fun shots

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yum... watermellon. I said I wanted real food but I don't know about this

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our big day! August 25. 2007

This definately goes down in the books for one of the best days ever! I couldn't help but smile all day long. It started out wonderful with many family and friends joining us at our house for Tyler's blessing. There we had about 60 of our closest friends and family there to share in that great blessing. I'm really not sure how everyone fit, but we all did. Then the day just got better and better as Brian, Tyler and I headed to the Temple to be sealed for Time and All Eternity. Things were a little hetic for our sealing- Tyler had a major diaper blow out just before we left for the temple, but once inside the sealing room peace and love was all I felt. It was so neat to see everyone that was able to come and be with us. I will never forget when the Sealer had Brian and I holding Tyler look into the mirror- I was able to see for just a second what Heaven is like.

Our first family picture.... Ty was smiling so big cuz he had just peed all over Brian!