Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

little things

hippiety hop

Easter wason the low key side for us this year... luckily I had blown out 6 doz eggs last year and since we were traveling we didn't use them. So- ta da eggs were ready to be dyed and stuffed. (My family has a tradition of blowing out eggs, dyeing them, stuffing them with confetti, hiding them, and ten cracking them on each others heads.) T loves it! We were able to dye them before Jaxon was born and I talked to the Easter Bunny about getting baskets early so we were all set :) Unfortunately it rained all morning... so much for my "preparedness" the night before.... and Brian had to work so we had a quick Easter hunt and Easter dinner, but it was a wonderful day to reflect on our Savior and his resurrection. (somewhere I have pictures of eggs being dyed but of course I can't seem to find them right now... oh well imagine a 4 yr old with dye up to his ears and fingers dyed "incredible hulk" green)