Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Play Time

I really love to swim and now some of our neighbors have a pool that i can go to any time i want. I have also recently learned to give high-5 as you can see me practice with my new friend Eliza, I'm just using her for her pool but don't tell her that :)

Papa's Boots

I like to wear everyone else's shoes including Papa Joe's work boots. Daddy likes to help me becaus out because he thinks it is funny and i get mad when i have to do it by myself.

My new haircut

While my mom was gone for two weeks dad thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair while no one could stop him and this is how good i look with short hair

Soap Mohawk

So i thought it would be funny to make a mohawk out of tyler's hair in the bathtub because katie wouldn't let me cut his hair and i would show her how long it actually was, but she just thought it was funny and took pictures. (so much for that plan to get a haircut.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

real tools

In my earlier post I mentioned Ty's new tools... you can see the Wal-mart green wrench compared to the new ones, but to go along with my are you really only 15 months. Last night as we were playing Ticket to Ride (YEAH!) he was playing on the floor puting the screws and nails in the brace and then hammering them into the imaginary project. Who really understands that's what you're supposed to do as an adult let alone a "baby/toddler"???? What have I gotten myself into? BFS

Dad's little helper...

Are you really only 15th months old?
This Ty's current favorite thing to do- help dad. He has to have a screwdriver or hammer at all times. (Luckily this weekend we found some children plastic tools that look REAL... he could tell the difference between the real ones and the wal-mart ones) Last week Brian was helping put fans in all the rooms at the Butler house as it's been 110 degrees and hot! I was in our room doing something when Brian called for me to come help this is what I found. (I took the pictures backwards as Brian looked down just in time to see Ty at the top) All I have to say is REALLY?