Friday, August 29, 2008

So it's only been a month...

I know and I'm sorry. I know to many of you our daily ins and outs are just so exciting but I've been slacking... After getting back from my work in Utah we've been going non stop. Mom Butler has become seriously anemic and so much of the day to day has become Brian's and my day to day. I now know why parents are always so tired, why they are "boring" (yes for everyone who knows me well, I have officially been called boring... fun suckers) and why patience is lost quickly. But we have also had lots of happy moments most of them revolve around our little man who makes us laugh. Here's just a few of those moments that made me laugh. For fans of barefootbutlers please keep reading down... especially watch the fountain video. I know I've added alot today, but it's really funny! AND if you've had your pix taken by me at any time my website ( not officially launched, but you can see the different slide shows and probably see your smiling face.

Camping at Dinkey Creek

Brian and I love camping and now Ty does also. It's just a wonderful time that we can relax eat GOOD food, and let the stress go. We asked the rest of the Butler clan to join us at Dinkey Creek. It was a favorite place of Brian's from his scout days. We had lots of fun going down the rock slides into the pools of water. Ty even decided that he liked the slide.... we couldn't get him to leave. We had to pick him him up and carry him kicking and screaming. He loved the dirt, water, bugs, fire, hotdogs (ate 3 one night) and zipping and unzipping the tent. (Brutus affectionately known as "Tus" now even let Ty "walk" him... well actually it was more of a tug of war between where Ty wanted to go and Brutus wanted to go)

Brian's tile job

A family in our ward here in El Dorado needed some tile work done and asked Brian if wanted a side tile job... of course still being un-employeed he jumped on the opportunity. This was the final product of his and his wonderful amazing super hard working assistant Katie... (can you tell who is writing this..)


Dad decided that he wanted to go hiking at least once a week with Mom, me and the puppies. I had lots of fun with my own camelback. Every once in a while I would get some cold water in my mouth and spit it on dad's back. Mom thought that was great.. good thing it was hot and it felt good. I also loved walking my puppies. Tank was a bit much for me but Harley let me drag him around!


We were in Sacramento for some errands and decided to take Ty to see these fountains. He had so much fun running through the water. They were pretty fun to watch and then Ty just made them hilarious! (Sorry it's a bit shakey...)