Sunday, February 20, 2011

excuses no more....

I get on here probably at least twice a day and think- "isn't someone supposed to be updating this" and then comes the "oh yeah, that's me..." and so I close it back down promising myself tomorrow. Well tomorrow has turned into months and now pictures on Brian's phone got erased and so well if I had been on top of things I would have had them on here.... so here's to no more excuses. (I know I can here you all saying we'll see how long this lasts...)

Shall we begin with December..... (Dave sorry for all the writing and not many pictures)

December was fun with Holiday baking for friends and neighbors. We added yummy cinnamon rolls to our list of rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie. I think we will keep them as many ordered and loved them! Yeah us :)
T man loved Christmas- I mean what kid doesn't. He helped everyone wrap presents and was REALLY good about not telling us what we were getting. Testing my 3 year old I'd ask what Daddy got me and T would say "Can't tell you it's a Christmas secret.." wahoo now if only these locked lips will last. He enjoyed helping decorate the tree and putting up decorations around the house. On a side note, Brian's brother Kevin is allergic to Pine trees and so I was told that this year I got to put on my big girl panties and have a artificial tree... Brian being the super
husband he is got me my own little tree for our room while I was in UT working. He had it up
on my nightstand when I got back. T and I loved decorating it and turning the lights on at night. (If I had been on top of things I had a pretty picture of it... but for some reason I took it with B's phone not mine..) Along with those pictures were fun ones that t and I took
of each other w/ our rudolph noses and antlers. (My mom sent us blinking noses and reindeer antlers- T loved wearing them- I could get up and get into the Christmas boxes and take new pictures but as you can see it's not happening) BFS

January brought us alot of changes! For New Year's we thought it would be fun to let T stay up- I'm not sure what I was thinking, but don't worry he made it to mid-night and then thought he should get up at 8- HA... the joke was on me for sure!

Our biggest change has been that Brian GOT A JOB!!!!! Wahoo! He works at a nice upscale restaurant out in Roseville (about a 25-30 min drive from our house) Should you want to look at their website it's He's really enjoying working and learning more about the industry. It's been an adjustment as he works about 35 hours and goes to school on top of it all. We appreciate the time we get with him on Saturdays and miss him in the afternoon/ evenings.

Nesting has set in a bit (I'd say for the whole family) but I got tired of trying to organize
T's toys and not having places for everything so having the handy husband that I do. He made a toy box/ organizer/ stand thing that I'd seen in IKEA. Of course the one in IKEA was hundreds of dollars and he was able to make this one for less than one hundred dollars including the buckets. T of course chose the color and LOVED helping Dad build and paint. He was quite the helper. Again our little camera was broken at the time and I took pictures of T helping but those were also on B's camera (see why I kept putting all this off.... I wanted to post the pictures oh well) But I do have a final picture of the organizer. I LOVE it!
I'm sure there have been some funny things that I should post, but my mommy brain has kicked in and I don't remember.....

February has kinda been a blur with work, being sick, T being sick, we've done lots of painting and re-decorating. T has loved helping w/ all the painting!
The count down is on.... I'm 32 weeks and starting to feel pregnant! If it's not life or death I probably don't have the energy to do it.... I've gotten a little bit of understanding of how Brian's Mom has felt the past few years with her anemia as my last lab tests showed that I was anemic. I've started taking more iron and I'm doing better, but for a few weeks there I was really dragging, on top of a nasty cold/ flu. My belly is sticking out and Brian and Tyler love "teasing" the baby by blowing raspberries and poking my tummy. He sure likes to kick LOTS! It's been interesting to see how he responds to Brian and Ty. When T is close/ talking to my tummy he kicks and punches something fierce. He'll do the same to Brian, but when Brian puts his hand on my belly he stops and calms down. I don't have to worry about kick counts for sure! Well I think that gets us close to catching up.... I promise to try and do better