Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last we celebrated our Scottish heritage by Brian dragging me and the rest of the family to the Scottish festival. We learned alot about Brian's Campbell and a little of my Mac Duff heritage. We had fun with balloon swords, and Scottish animals, and dancing, and singing... and of course my (least) favorite the bagpipes. 

and Yes, some might ask Is Brian and Tyler wearing a "skirt"? well... to stop any from doing so, I almost bought a shirt that said- 
"Many have been kilted for calling it skirt don't let it happen to you"

Turn your back for a min....

So apparently you can't turn your back on a two year old for any amount of time- even to go to the bathroom... I walked into the kitchen see something white on Tank- follow the trail into the pantry. Flour everywhere- all in the dog food, all over the pantry, outside, and of course on Tank-

Oh boy, and this is only the beginning... hee hee

Little bits

Tonight at dinner I gave Ty some more rice (one of his current favorites) and in perfect words said, "Thank you, Mommy" It was so cute and such a shock to my system to hear a full sentence that wasn't prodded I didn't know what to do. I wish we could freeze time and keep sweet moments like that forever.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler

Happy Birthday little man. I love my Ty. He is the most active, funny, loving, forgiving, kind, animated, little man around. He's stolen my heart- I'm so grateful to have him in my life right now. He brings so much love and happiness into our daily days and reminds us of what is truly important (like sleep, hot dogs, quiet, night lights, and cheetos) I can't believe he's already 2.

(And yes, he is still in his PJ's at dinner... it was the best day- Nuggets, dippy, and "dogs", cake and "cream" for dinner, played all day, got presents ha what more could you ask for.... besides a car cake

We love you TY!

Alex's wedding

Main wedding pictures are to come.... but for now here is how our food, flowers, cake, and decorations turned out.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A more spiritual part to Easter

This beautiful exhibit of Mark Mabry came to the Mormon Center in Folsom last November. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, felt it's power the second time I saw it, and broke down the third time. As I've thought lately about our Savior and His life and his sacrifice for me I've come to love more and more the images and want to share them if anyone has not seen them. I know He lives, I know He loves me, I know that He suffered and died for me and rose again that I might live with him one day.

Happy Easter

Yes, I'm passing on one of my family's traditions of confetti eggs. With all the baking we've been doing for the wedding we blew out 10 dozen eggs and then for FHE we dyed them and then last night I filled them with confetti. Ty had so much fun going around and smashing the eggs on everyone's heads. It was a great time.

It wouldn't be right to go a whole year with out going to the Urgent Care

Last Sunday after we had eaten dinner Brian and I were in the office working on somethings when we heard a blood curling scream. We couldn't find Ty, it sounded like it was behind a door so we took off trying to find him. I saw from the corner of my eye that he had been out side. I ran outside to find Ty on the ground grabbing his foot saying owie... he didn't have shoes on and had dropped a stake on his foot (no- I didn't misspell it, it was not a large piece of meat but a cement stake) it swelled up immediately and he wouldn't put any pressure on his foot. Brian felt his feet and things did not feel like they were in the right place. Brian and Papa Joe quickly gave him a blessing before we ran to the Urgent Care. Greg and Carinna because of their "frequent patient" status came with us (blessing as they saved us $60 bucks!) Ty quickly fell asleep on the ride over and seemed to calm down overall. He did great as they x-ray'd his foot. They said that he could come get x-rays anytime he wanted (I say only if they're paying....ha) But hey wouldn't we all be better at the doctors if we got otter pops and suckers! All in all his foot was bruised really bad, it was sore for a couple of days still somedays he'll complain and say it hurts. (but don't you worry he figured how to run on it and not hurt...) We've got one brave, sturdy kid. I am very grateful for a husband and father in law who hold the priesthood and were able to give him a blessing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love to ride my bicycle I love to ride my bike

Day by day by day I love to ride my bike, I don't care if it's inside or out fast or slow around the kitchen or around the living room day or night I just love to ride my bike!!!

Ride Papa's Bike PEASEEEEEEE!

Ty loves riding Papa's bike with his Dad. It is one of his favorite things to do. He usually wakes up and first thing he asks for is a ride... I am in trouble!!!