Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian

It's been one of those years kiddo hasn't it. I think though that it has brought us so much closer. I'm so glad to have you in my life... for eternity. 
29- you make me laugh
28- you have superman strength
27- kind heart
26- strong testimony
25- knows everything about anything
24- can fix anything
23- super height to reach things on the top shelf
22- helps me keep my goals
21- loves doggies/ puppies
20- will watch chick flicks with me
19- supports my popcorn habit
18- loves ice cream on waffles
17- takes care of us
16- understands shmily
15- knows my BFS
14- plays with Ty to no end (plays a mean game of dinos & cars)
13- loves his monster unconditionally
12- watches Grey's with me
11- lets me cry on his shoulder and wipe my eyes with his ties/ shirts/ sleeves
10- loves me unconditionally
9- build anything
8- wild imagination
7- sings while driving and plays the drums on the wheel
6- helps with my photography
5- encourages all
4- loves to read and learn new things
3- own private chef
2- loves crazy even if it means he has to clean the house before leaving
1-You are amazing

WE love you!

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Brianne & Jarod said...

Great dedication to Brian! And WE all love ya in Texas too!!