Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busted lip, 3 stitches, worn out

Mom was getting ready for ward council when Ty decided to fall and hit his lip with his sharp teeth (Mom and Dad can attest to them being sharp- he's left marks...) So- 9:30 Sunday morning we headed over the the Orem Instacare, good thing they were open so we didn't have to go to the ER. Waited about an hour and half saw the DR, they said it was on the boarder if Ty needed stitches or not. She said if he was active then she'd do the stitches, if he was a mellow kid, then she probably wouldn't worry about it... Brian and I looked at each other as if there was any doubt if Tyler was an active kid or not... walking since 8 months I don't think he'll sit still. It took Brian, the DR, a nurse and I to try to keep him down to get the stitches. As soon as he was done the nurse gave him a sticker and he was all smiles after that. He was so worn out that 5 mins after being home we crashed in Dad's arms

Where else is your food supposed to go?

Playing from the outside is for beginners

What can I say I love playing with pots and pans too!

Yoga anyone... or are we going camping?

Love my puppies

I had a rough day today, my ear infection is back. I have a 101 fever and am throwing up all over mom... (yea) But as soon as I saw my puppies sleeping on the couch I insisted on going and sitting with them... I love to be with my puppies! I love to pull their ears, poke out their eyes and wrestle with them. They lick my face clean so mom won't wipe my raw nose they're my bestest buddies! (Tuesday Feb 19th)

Ride em Vacuum.... or not so much

Friday, February 15, 2008

nothing like dinner and a nap

I love playing with Alina!

You can't tell from this shot that we have lots of fun taking toys from each other, chasing each other around the room (now that I taught her how to walk... sorry Conni), knocking each other over and of course our favorite is playing with the music toys together! We are loving having Conni, Nick, and Alina so close to play with!!!

Grumpy finds his happy place

Some days are just such that nothing will make me happy, except for food, nap and baby wipes... and yes mom was just sitting there watching and taking pictures while I pulled the newly filled box completely out all over the floor. Sometimes you've just gotta laugh and join them, it's just not in the bucket... 

Playing while mom works

So Kristy and I were working at our house for the day and Ty was running all over having a blast. We were working on some summer beach like shots and I had brought down one of my swimsuits. We hadn't seen him for a couple of minutes and called for him, he came around the corner like this.... he's even got the BFS (BIG FAKE SMILE) down already :) I just had to laugh- especially as Brian came home for lunch 2 minutes later and was able to see for himself.

I love to sweep

It doesn't seem to matter where, but Ty loves to sweep. He will push the broom around for hours and then when he gets tired of sweeping he moves on to mopping... I usually do this while he's sleeping so I'm not sure where he learned this from, but I'm not complaining. If only he could sweep up the piles and rinse out the mop on his own...

First all over hair cut

Brian got tired of T's hair hanging over his ears and his collars so he decided to give Ty a haircut... did a pretty good job if you ask me. Tyler sat still for about 2 mins and then was done, unfortunately Brian wasn't... it was quite the scene to see. Here's a during and after photo for you to enjoy