Monday, July 26, 2010


My brother- in- law graduated from college invoking a impromptu Smith family reunion. We had lots of fun playing games, taking family pictures, eating, playing more games, and of course going to graduation. I wish Brian and T had been able to come, but CO had been planned many
months before. Here's just a few pictures from our crazy family.


Brian and T were able to go see Amanda, Brian's sister and Brian's best friend Scott. They were able to help Amanda with some things around her new house and were able to spend alot of time visiting Scott. T had so much fun when they went to Garden of the Gods- he ran and ran and ran. (He loves jumping off things saying "Infinity and Beyond" Thank you Toy Story....) They got to go to the Air Force Academy and see the jet fighter planes. T LOVE LOVE LOVES watching planes and even more planes that have GUNS out the back. They were able to see my Uncle Vern and B was able to get his teeth fixed (THANK YOU U. VERN!!!!) They had a blast in CO and Brian is already wanting to go back to stay.... who knows what the cards have in store for us.

5000 miles and a month later...

Well folks I know that you have all been anxiously awaiting our posts- bear with me because there is alot.... alot. I'll try to tell by pictures so that it breaks it up but sorry Dave there will be much words written. First, I'll start out by saying that in a matter of 4 weeks we went about 5000 miles. We drove out to Idaho only to turn around the next day and drive to SLC to catch airplanes, Brian and T to CO and Dave and I to AZ. (more to come but we're just giving a brief overview) After our jaunts apart we met back up in SLC and headed to ID. After two days in ID Brian and I rented a car, left T in ID with G'ma and G'pa Smith and headed back to CA. Brian got a huge catering job and we decided the experience was worth it. We were in CA for 2 1/2 days for the event and then bam back in the car to ID. I had the wonderful opportunity (drenched in sarcasm) to get into ID at 9 p.m. and then wake up and go down to Provo for work. Work was frustrating- there were many MANY miss communications and so it was drawn out... but I was able to go back up to ID and visit with my family. We had lots of fun, got to see my Emily at a friend's wedding, played and worked hard. We had a quiet 4th of July but had fun- My Mom and Dad left and I went back down to Provo to work for the week. Brian and T stayed in ID and worked and played getting the sailboat ready to sail. After working for the week, I went back to ID- Liz, Andrew, and Abby were back from their family reunion and so we all had fun at the lake. Of course Monday came again and I went back to Provo to work, B & T worked and played. Later that week I was able to finish my work for the month and we headed back good ol CA. So now that you got the run down here's our month in pictures...