Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day treats

These are the ones that Ty decorated... All by himself
and the ones Brian made for me.... I loved it! How'd a girl get so lucky.

Tax return/ Valentine's Day

Well as we all know it's tax time. We needed to do ours early so that Brian could get going on his FASFA and all that jazz- so lucky us got ours early. After paying some bills and sending some to savings Brian and I decided we needed a little break.... Hello Lake Tahoe. We went on Monday afternoon and came back Wednesday morning. It was so much fun. We found a great deal on a hotel, that was close to things. We went and found fun little places for meals- found some of the BEST pumpkin curry EVER and just enjoyed ourselves. We spent tuesday walking around, going into galleries around, snowshoeing and exploring. We found a landscape photographer that we both fell in love with. If only we had money.... But it was so much fun.