Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting ready for Greg & Carrina's Wedding

ok so really I do have some wonderful excuses this month for being such a slacker on my blogging.. this is pathetic I'm starting to sound like my every 6 months journal writing. Oh well I'm trying to catch up- so back to my excuses. Oct was really busy with work in UT and then Greg and Carrina getting married. With Mom B still not up to 100% I volunteered my services in wedding open house planning services. We had alot of fun and hopefully the happy couple liked it to. I decided to make little cakes so as to not take away from their wedding cake at their reception. I know I'm a bit biased but I do have to say they turned out pretty good along with the center pieces. If I thought I could actually make some money doing this I might enjoy it but for now it was lots of work and lots of fun. Ty loved helping as you can see. By the time we were done with all the cakes and frostings he thinks he's a pro and NEEDS to HELP mom and dad all the time when the kitchenaid is involved. 


Farnsworth Family said...

The cakes look amazing! You are so talented. I love the black and red contrasting each other. Great work!!!

Kim and Jim said...

Beautiful!! Sounds like it was tons of fun, good job!

Andrea said...

I have to agree with you. The center pieces were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! The cakes were delicious too!