Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy First Birthday TY!

So my first attempt at a tractor. (It was actually looking close to one, then my wonderful helper wanted racing strips...) I know it's kinda hard to tell the grass from the tractor... and as you can see in the bottom corner we forgot a pix before Ty got ahold of it. Hope this one is big enough for all you picky ones :) hee hee

Yeah for presents and cake, aren't birthdays great! 

Yum I love cake, even if my mom is horrible and didn't make me a chocolate cake... something about if she's eating it she's going to like it too... Aunt Liz and Grandma Smith think she's nuts, oh well I like white cake just the same!

Friday, April 18, 2008

FHE up American Fork Canyon

Dad took us up the canyon to take some pretty pictures of one of our favorite places, Tibble Fork Res. Ty loved playing in the rocks by the lake, and Mom and Dad loved all the view of Timp. We're sure going to miss this place!

The life in the day of Tyler at work with mom...

"Seriously Mom, what are you doing to me! You're crazy!"

A fun day at the Sand dunes... mom calls it the best Beach in Utah! 
(why does she always have to dress me up?)

just look at all that sand.. yum I mean fun!

  I'm almost there... just a little farther  

We're having a PARTY!!!

The bigger picture

So a few months back.. ok probably in February we were having quite a few house guests and I was as usual cleaning the house. I was frustrated with Brian because he doesn't quite feel the urgency that I do about cleaning for guests... I'm sure probably only a few of you do too :) But be that as it may, I turned the corner to see this...

I couldn't believe that he would just run out the paint he was using on a wall when people were going to be there any min. I was just about to say something when I went to the stairs and saw what it said...

Boy didn't I feel like a jerk... guess we all need to sometimes step back and take a look at the bigger picture! I love you too!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Easter

Just passing on another family tradition... Is this one big enough?!?

Easter Lovin

TY: "Hey Hot stuff...How you doin?"

Alina: "oh you know the usual... uh Mom... help anybody?"
Ty: "Just thought I'd help you get that cake off your lips"

Alina: "Oh Man, I thought I was safe. Where did that come from?"
Ty: "hee hee... who's the man?"