Monday, May 24, 2010

Clouds, Rain, Hail, Snow

What else do you need from a camping trip???? We went with a couple of families from our ward and despite yes not only the clouds, rain, hail, and snow we had so much fun at Sly Park last weekend. We went on a hike to a waterfall, went fishing, ate yummy food, and had good conversations. (T was too concerned with the fish to look at the camera....)

Book club fun

I was the host for the month for a book club.... I took the opportunity to promote Brian's catering capabilities. And boy- did we get good food! Here's some pictures from the night-

Saturday, May 15, 2010

All the names a Mom can have

Was Mother's day really only 6 days ago? It's been one of those weeks and it seems like it was forever ago, but alas I've counted on my fingers 3 times and it still adds up to 6 days. Brian and Ty made my day special- Breakfast in bed. Believe it or not T man did most of it- by himself (but with supervision) French Toast, Strawberry whip cream and a beautiful strawberry rose (made by Brian) T insisted that I needed a flower (wow he knows me well already- and non the less a RED gerber daisy- my fav) Then I got sang to- Did you know there was a happy mother's day birthday style song? AND I got a beautiful computer bag that looks like a purse! I love it! This mother's day was so much better than last- not for Brian or T's doing it was just last year I had to be in UT working... so it was so nice to be able to spend it with them! Thank you

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mormon Helping Hands

Last Saturday we had an opportunity to participate in "Helping Hands" around the state of California. We beautified and built fences in a local park (well let's be honest I didn't do the fence, but Brian and T did). It was such a beautiful day! T LOVED being outside and helping with all the planting, and fence building. At one point I had my back to him and he grabbed one of the plastic plant pots, pulled the plant out and was putting it into a hole... man he's quite the character somedays. He also was a big help holding posts and cross bars- the guys working on the fence were so nice to let him help, he was just "SO EXCITED!!!!" It was a great day serving the community and getting to know others.


I was reading a blog that I found through someone else's blog... blog surfing? I don't know but I loved it. The girl talked about finding everyday beauty- it really made me think and so I mentally have gone through these past couple of weeks looking for my everyday beauty. Maybe someday I'll actually take a real picture and not just a mental one, but I did stop and took this one. Nothing is better then the sweet moments with your children like this one. I sure do love my T-man!