Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photographer, Cater, Decorator

What do all these things have in common- us... We're busy making appetizers (mini quiches, meatballs, tarts, cream puffs) Wedding cakes (3 tiers) getting things ready for decorating for Alex's reception (centerpieces, rooms, flowers.... and of course the photography for the up coming shin digs... Who'd a thought 2 two people could be such masters at so much ... ha ha ha (Big Fake Smile....)

Going once, going twice SOLD?

We got two offers on our house this past week- now we're just praying that Countrywide will accept one of their offers... time will only tell.


Stop it, Hold it, want it, ask *pease* RIDE, ask *pease* RIDE, ask *pease* RIDE... Bike helmet, go go go, papa's bike HOLD IT STOP IT NOOOOOOOOO.... how long does the terrible twos go on for?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Raining it's pouring... 3 weeks straight

So for the past three weeks it's been raining... straight. We finally got a nice day and Ty loved going outside and playing in the puddles. I know for some this might be hard to look at (Brianne... mud does come off) but he had lots of fun just him and his puppies. 


I know it's late.... But Happy Valentine's day!