Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving.... a little different

This year I have been a little overwhelmed and tired... imagine that a pregnant girl tired :) Anyways I saw in a magazine how a couple of restaurants have a thanksgiving burger so I thought hey why not. So for Thanksgiving we had turkey burgers, with cranberry sauce, stuffing on our burger and fries. YUM it was good, didn't feel like thanksgiving, but they did taste good. I am thankful for my blessings. I know I have been given many many many of them. Here are just a few of them

The Forgotten Carols

Papa Joe had bought tickets for the Forgotten Carols on Brian's birthday. Unfortunately the other couple that was intended for wasn't able to make it so Brian and I got to tag along. Despite searching for 45 mins to find where the heck we were supposed to go and pouring rain we had a good time. I had never seen or really heard the Forgotten Carols so it was fun to see. I'm sure everyone thought I was an emotional mess as I ended the night in tears. One of my favorite Michael Mclean songs is "We can be Together Forever". Well he ended the evening singing that song several times and having the audience sing with him. Well- long story short "Together Forever" was a favorite song that Sharon, Danielle's and I shared. It brought alot of emotions for me and how I am glad that with our knowledge of the Gospel I know that we can be together forever.

Happy Birthday Brian!

Yes, yes, if you can't tell things have been a little crazy and B's birthday was nothing less.... Unfortunately it seemed like everything that could go wrong- did so needless to say it's Dec 15th and he still hasn't gotten a birthday cake :( I know I'm a horrible wife, the shirts I got him were the wrong size and he had to make his own dinner.... oh well maybe 32 will be better. We do love him though and are thankful for all he does for us. Happy 31 babe!

Sad day

The week of Thanksgiving we found out that Cleo (Brian's parent's English Bull Dog) and Tank (Our Boxer) had a "Barry White- Let's get it on..." moment that wasn't stopped as soon as we had hoped. After x-rays it was confirmed that Cleo was having puppies and not just getting fat. As a side note- did you know dogs only have a 9 week gestation period I think we should get that too... After a week of ups and downs Bulldogs have to have c-sections she went into the Vet. She had 10 puppies! Yikes ok so maybe I'll take the 1 baby and 9 months vs 10 puppies and 9 weeks... anyways unfortunately she lost one invetro. The Dr got the rest out and one by one they all stopped breathing. They think that because there were so many of them there wasn't enough room for them to grow properly.... I was mentally prepared to loose 2-3 but thought there would still 3-4 that would survive. I was ok until Brian described them to me, with lots of Tank in them.... I'll be honest that a part of me was relieved as we were not prepared for 10 pups, but sad. It has given T and I many interesting conversations about Heaven. It's amazing to me how much he does understand.

It's a..

against everything we thought it's a boy and he sure is proud of it. My due date is the 18th however since I'll have a c-section he'll probably be here a week earlier. We're excited although stumped on names- I don't know why I had several before we even got married but now my mind is a blank. T is excited to be a big brother although I think his world is going to be turned upside down...

Viva Las Vegas

Early in Nov we headed down to LV for a quick quick trip. We were able to see most of Brian's family and have a Pre-thanksgiving dinner. We had fun staying at Brittney and Derek's house. T man had lots of fun riding bikes and scooters with his cousins Avery and Kaeden. Brian and I had fun helping Britt with pies, rolls, potatoes, and ham. T also loved all the new babies to love over.... I think he'll do just fine as a new brother in April

A little late.... but Happy Halloween

Argg... Pirates we are
We had fun at the ward Trunk or Treat- T loved getting all that yummmy yummy candy. I love my "Mom Tax". We didn't go out on Sunday, but T had just as much fun handing out candy. I had planned on taking him out if he asked, but he never said anything about going out to the neighbors. Happy Halloween argg

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our new favorite shirt

This is tyler's new favorite shirt.

Pumpkin Patch

I'm not the only one excited for Fall and Halloween! I think I get asked at least 5 times a day if we get to cut pumpkins today...

Friday, October 15, 2010

3 of our FAVORITE people!

After our fun at Crater Lake we headed on up to Kennewick, WA. We were originally going to WA to go camping, but it turned out that Brian's school calendar was wrong when we looked a few months ago and had to cut our trip short... BUT we were able to still go and see our friends the Kidders! We had so much fun hanging out, boating, eating, playing games, going to the apple orchards, library, the park, taking naps, talking, and of course laughing!

As you can see.... T was a bit more excited then Maddison.... We had to stop him from picking ALL the apples!

Papa Paul was kind enough to work hard on the boat to take us out on the River.... Em and Madison had fun on the tube... Brian had to bribe Ty with a G-U-N to get on the tube and then it decided to stop working.... I'm sure everyone thought Brian and I were being sarcastic but we really did have fun- even if there was rowing involved for a few mins (we were rescued by some nice fire fighters)

We wanted to show our appreciation for everything the Kidders did for us so we (and by we I mean Brian and T) made us a yummy fancy dinner

I don't have any pictures- and as it is these were all pictures my Emily gave me... so there are no pictures of us playing games and laughing so hard I was crying, but if you could imagine us all playing games and laughing you'd get quite the picture. We also had lots of fun at the library, the park, and the splash pad! We had so much fun with the Kidders, it was a much needed and appreciated break. THanks guys!

The Butlers go to Washington

Washington State that is... and along the way we stopped in Crater Lake and hiked around. T had so much fun running, climbing, and "helping" Mom take pictures....

Friday, October 8, 2010


Mom Butler asked me to take her ticket since she wasn't going to be able to go to Time out for Women. It's kinda like a big girl's EFY. It was so nice to go listen, learn, refill, and know there is hope out there. One of my favorite speakers was Emily Freeman. She talked about the promise being enough from her book 7 principles of true abundance-

"Do you need a miracle? Most of us experience unmet needs at one time or another. Perhaps you are lonely and long for an abundance of love. Maybe you suffer from an illness and long for an abundance of health. Some may long for an abundance of peace, or an abundance of comfort. Others may find that they long for an abundance of time or an abundance of joy.

Welcome to a spiritual journey that will lead you to realize that the Lord is aware of you and He has miracles in store for you. Through this step- by-step process you will discover seven principles of abundance, each with an explanation of how the Lord can take what you already have and make it more. With an emphasis on making the most of every day, this book will encourage you to seek the gift that only He can bring — the promise of enough, with the miracle of some to spare."

If only I could go once a week.....


Definition of STABILITY

: the quality, state, or degree of being stable: asa : the strength to stand or endure : firmnessb : the property of a body that causes it when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion to develop forces or moments that restore the original conditionc : resistance to chemical change or to physical disintegration

Stability was T's favorite word for a whole day while we played with blocks... I don't know that he actually knew what meant, but he sure loved saying it. But I think I could use some it right (definition A) about now.... ha

Friday, September 3, 2010

Soccer Season

I remember going to watching soccer as a teenager and hoping someday to be a "soccer mom" and well the day has come- Pee wee soccer! T loves playing and does fairly well with the "Dribbling" I don't know what is more cute T or Brian out there with him!

Left you hanging in Idaho

I know I've left you hanging for a month now about Idaho. Well we did lots- played, worked, played, worked, and of course played. I won't bore you with all the details but here's some pictures to show you-

Monday, July 26, 2010


My brother- in- law graduated from college invoking a impromptu Smith family reunion. We had lots of fun playing games, taking family pictures, eating, playing more games, and of course going to graduation. I wish Brian and T had been able to come, but CO had been planned many
months before. Here's just a few pictures from our crazy family.


Brian and T were able to go see Amanda, Brian's sister and Brian's best friend Scott. They were able to help Amanda with some things around her new house and were able to spend alot of time visiting Scott. T had so much fun when they went to Garden of the Gods- he ran and ran and ran. (He loves jumping off things saying "Infinity and Beyond" Thank you Toy Story....) They got to go to the Air Force Academy and see the jet fighter planes. T LOVE LOVE LOVES watching planes and even more planes that have GUNS out the back. They were able to see my Uncle Vern and B was able to get his teeth fixed (THANK YOU U. VERN!!!!) They had a blast in CO and Brian is already wanting to go back to stay.... who knows what the cards have in store for us.