Friday, October 28, 2011

Summer where did you go?

Summer seems like a blur I know we enjoyed it but I'm too overwhelmed at the prospect of recounting it all that I'm just going to give you a picture run down..... and maybe a few words here and there????

I had to go back to work a little over a month after Jaxon was born.... it was a hard time for me. My wonderful mom flew to Sacramento and she, T, Baby J, and I drove to Idaho. I was able to spend a few days in ID with them before I had to go to UT. My sister, who is also amazing, drove all the way from AZ to ID with Abby to help with my boys... and to see mom. They had a fun week! As I was driving down the driveway to go to UT my phone stopped working... argh!!!! People could hear me, but I COULD NOT hear them- This was not going to work for me. So I went straight to Verizon and got myself an Iphone.... and I love it!!!! And it is because of this wonderful technology that you all are blessed with pictures- otherwise this would be only words. Anyways- This pix of Jax was when I got back from Provo- His first REAL big smile. I knew he still knew who I was- phew!
Ty LOVES jumping on the trampoline in Idaho- well let's be honest he loves jumping anywhere we let him!

Ty's view from the backseat while we drove back to Sacramento.... only 5 hours later than planned. We left at 4 PM.... I somehow missed my small little turn off and ended up in Twin Falls- Yes friends I said Twin Falls. I'm sorry to those who love TF, but I hope to never be back there. We finally got back on the right road- in the middle of nowhere pitch black fields. AHHH Hit horrible cold rain & wind storms.... couldn't find a place to stay the night to save my life- NO WHERE from Wells to Reno. Two boys who were REALLY done. Awful. I finally pulled off to sleep for a few minutes when T woke up crying, Just wanted to be home. Mamma Bear kicked in- I just have to get my boys home- so we drove and we drove. Hit snow on the pass- I hate the pass, I really hate the pass with snow. I was SO glad and grateful to my Heavenly Father who blessed me to stay awake, stay the course and got us home. I was tired! But I survived- work and driving! I can do hard things....

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