Friday, October 28, 2011

June roses for the December of our Lives

May was hard, learning to balance, learning to ask for help, learning to let people help me, learning I can't do everything... but June, June was a bit better. It all started with Brian starting a new job! Yes you heard me another NEW job. We are so blessed. A new restaurant opened in Folsom- Land Ocean. They hired him without even an interview. It is only 10 minutes away, they gave him a raise and they appreciate him! He's excited to go to work again. Such a blessing! He worked the two jobs for the 2 weeks that we were gone- but it was really too much! So he kept the new job and hasn't doubted for a second it was what he was supposed to do.
Both of my boys are very warm blooded- they DO NOT like being hot... so we've had quite a few mostly naked days...
Jaxon at 2 months! He had a rough go for a little bit. He had a double ear infection and thrush all at the same time- not a good combo. Once we got everything cleared up, he was a much happier baby! He loves his big brother- and his big brother adores him. T is always wanting to help and do things with J. I was a bit worried that T would feel a bit out with a new baby- but he really really loves his brother and is such a BIG help! (We have however found that Ty has his mother's gag reflex and dry heaves when he smells a poopy diaper...)
The last week of June was time for me to go back to UT for work... argh BUT Liz and Abby flew out to Sac to help me drive to UT. We had lots of fun, ended up staying the night in Wells, got pulled over for speeding, Drove and drove and drove. Talked. Laughed. Appreciated that we live in a time of technology- I think I would've died as a pioneer. No REALLY! We hooked Liz's Ipad to the sun roof so both the kids could watch movies, plugged the audio through the sound system and then listened to the radio on our Iphones. Can you imagine crossing the plains WITH OUT google maps, cell phones, radios, or

movies????? Well I can we did it when we were kids, but oh how grateful I am for technology!!!!! (Thank you Steve Jobs!) We met my Dad in ID and played for a bit with him and then my Mom flew in the next day. We had fun playing for a couple of days until I had to go to work- enter the weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth. But it was ok... It was still hard, but I got to Facetime (like skype for iphones and ipads) with the boys almost every night and sometimes during work. Liz would send me updates like this little gem

"Oh also, Ty came over and told dad j was Stinky. Dad said r u sure? So he went and checked and dad said he had "a little rock in his pants". so he went to change him and I said maybe u should wait to make sure he's done. And dad said naw let's get the "rock" out of his pants. So he starts to change him, moves old diaper out of the way without new diaper in place.. Is half way done wiping and j starts pooping in dads hand. Lol good thing dad had a wipe."

Ty got bribed into riding horses with Abby- He was NOT going to ride. Brian and I tried and tried to tell him it would be fun and that he would enjoy it, but had no idea if he was really going to go. But he did and lived to tell the tell and later told me he had ALOT of fun! (Thanks Gma and Gpa!)

My mom has a big bucket of dress up clothes- one is this Indian- Ty LOVED dressing up. He would beg daily- Mom can we dress up today. Finally I gave in and said yes!
After working for a week, Brian was able to come out and join us. We had fun going to the Lake, making toy shelves, family dinners, fireworks, and all that good stuff. We were glad when Andrew was able to join us and enjoyed a good jump in the lake and BBQ. (I don't know where those pictures went, but....)


Emily said...

love the title ;)

The Reeds said...

You guys have such cute boys! I'm terrible at keeping in touch but just wanted to check in and say hi. Looks like u r doing well. I enjoyed seeing all the fun family photos!