Friday, October 28, 2011

J-U-L-Y you aint got no alibi

July, Well July was a very BUSY crazy month!!!! We started it out by celebrating my Mom & Dad's birthdays in ID. We had a relaxing day of hanging out in ID- only rule was no Logan or driving allowed. Then it was the 4th of July- believe it or not a big holiday in our family.... although it doesn't quite have the bang and glitter that it once did in China (I know kinda odd, but you should've seen some of the fireworks we got there...)

These were my sugar free- strawberries from the garden, sugar free frosting mini cupcakes. They were apparently well received as they were gone in about 5 mins... After a couple of days in ID we headed down to San Deigo. We caravanned with Liz and Andrew. We had lots of fun meeting up with them and driving down to Las Vegas, where we stayed the night. We had lots of laughs and fun swimming time. (Probably too much as we didn't get to SD as early as we had hoped- but you can't pass a $30 nice room with kids who are tired of driving and all that fun)

Once we got to SD, things got super crazy!!!!!!! I don't think I can add enough exclamation points... Brian's sister Amanda was getting married- and because the whole Butler family was going to be there and my Mom and Dad wanted to go to SD to see Dan, Christina, Kyle and Aaron and my Mom's family we asked Liz and Andrew to come over so we'd have as many family members as possible for Jaxon's baby blessing. So- all crammed into thurs night through Sat night we had family pictures (both Butler and Smith), Jaxon's baby blessing, decorating & catering Amanda's Wedding, the actual wedding, Wedding pictures, and small snippets of being with family. (I'm afraid way too little snippets of family time with both families) So without further ado- Our crazy weekend!

Butler Clan

Smith Clan

Jaxon's Baby Blessing

There is so much about a baby blessing- The Spirit is so strong! Being such a crazy weekend, I don't remember much but the feeling that we were blessed with a very very special little boy. My sister took the following notes for me (I've put them in here so I have them with my journal)
Strength & Power
Who u r
Know what u came to earth for
Learn grow
Rise and be a great leader
Lead and guide in kingdom
Health wise healthy

I am so very very grateful for all the family that was able to be there!! I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that allows me to be with my family for Eternity.

Amanda and Brian Carson's Wedding


Emily said...

love all the pictures and updates. Man, you've been a busy lady!!! Love you and miss you tons!

Kim and Jim said...

I just read through all your updates- can I just say, you are crazy busy!! Or at least you were during the summer! How is Brian liking the new job? Are you going to be in Provo/Orem again any time soon? I would love to see you!