Friday, August 29, 2008

Camping at Dinkey Creek

Brian and I love camping and now Ty does also. It's just a wonderful time that we can relax eat GOOD food, and let the stress go. We asked the rest of the Butler clan to join us at Dinkey Creek. It was a favorite place of Brian's from his scout days. We had lots of fun going down the rock slides into the pools of water. Ty even decided that he liked the slide.... we couldn't get him to leave. We had to pick him him up and carry him kicking and screaming. He loved the dirt, water, bugs, fire, hotdogs (ate 3 one night) and zipping and unzipping the tent. (Brutus affectionately known as "Tus" now even let Ty "walk" him... well actually it was more of a tug of war between where Ty wanted to go and Brutus wanted to go)


Andrea said...

I have to tell you how jealous I am of you guys!! I wish we could have been there and gone with you guys! Love ya!

The Reeds said...

Ha HA. I love it. Who could not love a little one toddling around in their diaps. Looks like he is having fun.