Friday, April 18, 2008

The life in the day of Tyler at work with mom...

"Seriously Mom, what are you doing to me! You're crazy!"

A fun day at the Sand dunes... mom calls it the best Beach in Utah! 
(why does she always have to dress me up?)

just look at all that sand.. yum I mean fun!

  I'm almost there... just a little farther  

We're having a PARTY!!!


Rodriguez Family said...

I love the pic with Ty's face covered in sand! sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say "whatever!"

Annie said...

Yes, boys and dirt just go so well together. They look so cute with dirt all over them.

So, did I miss something? Are you moving soon?

Brian and Katie said...

it's true for the first little bit I tried to keep him from eating it, but it was of no use... :)

Kim & Jim said...

That goes for girls, too- something about kids and dirt. They are like magnets towards eachother!