Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Lovin

TY: "Hey Hot stuff...How you doin?"

Alina: "oh you know the usual... uh Mom... help anybody?"
Ty: "Just thought I'd help you get that cake off your lips"

Alina: "Oh Man, I thought I was safe. Where did that come from?"
Ty: "hee hee... who's the man?"


Rodriguez Family said...

maybe I'm just bias, but those are the two cutest kids I've ever seen!

Bri and J-Rod said...

LUV the commentary!!! Just like his dad, huh??

TheKeilShpeel said...

Starting him young huh? You are definitely going to have your hands ful ;) I love Alina's reaction too..

Emily said...

Love it! I'd take sweet Ty kisses any day!

Kim & Jim said...

Those are two unbelievably adorable babies!