Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey Baby let's go to Vegas!

Ty and his "Cousin" Issac.. aren't they both just so cute!

Mom and some of her bestest Buddies, Auntie Bri and Auntie Em... We just can't get enough of them. I mean who else can you act like this with? Elmo? Snuffalupagus? We were
grateful that we got to spend some time with the Stewarts and the Kidders. It's been a
while since we laughed that hard and nothing.  Brian and Mom only hope we didn't scare Kallen and Auntie Em too much.  Sorry I pulled EVERYTHING out at your house!  

 Me, Ty, having way too much fun at the park running around and loving the swing.  Auntie Bri and Jarod with my pal Issac, and Auntie Em and Kallen with my Vegas Puppy Hal (We like to share kisses...) 

Auntie Bri thought it would be funny to give me a sour patch kid.. I actually liked it once all the sour stuff was gone!

The Butlers (yes all of us)
We had a wonderful Easter dinner over and Uncle Greg's house! Gran and Aunt Drea (you'll have to take your name up with Brian..) made yummy corned beef and rolls while Aunt Brit made my favorite potatoes and green beans, hum yum! Everyone was actually there, so of course we couldn't miss the opportunity for a photo... We are a happy Family


Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

Can I say the BEST day of my YEAR??? Seriously....I soaked up every minute with my bestest buds! THANKS SO MUCH for coming to see us!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Brianne and Jarod Stewart said...

p.s. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing our "sniffing" pictures... IT IS US!

Emily said...

Yes, just to set the record straight-we were SNIFFING! NOT kissing. :) Gotta love it though. I am already getting excited for our mandatory vacations in a few years. Love your guts!!