Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We went camping down in Kodachrome Basin a few weeks ago with some friends the Andersons. We taught them all about tin foil dinners and dutch oven cooking... I never knew there were people out there that didn't know what a tin foil dinner was... ha ha we had lots of fun. Suzee and I went to BYU together and had fun doing our "photogy" stuff with our husbands and kids. It was perfect during the day for hiking and then got really cold at night. But we just bundled up close to the fire. Tyler loved being outside. He didn't want to go into the tent when it was time for bed! Even though it was perfect hiking weather the first day the second day the clouds rolled in and down poured on us. It was lots of fun! Here's just a few fun shots


Emily said...

great pictures! I miss camping with you!! Sounds like you had fun though. Way to start Tyler young :)

TheKeilShpeel said...

How fun. How did Tyler do at night? The few times we've gone camping has been sleepless. I wanna see a pic of the andersen family.. i haven't seen them forever. :)