Saturday, November 12, 2011

Summer lovin happened so fast

Summer lovin happened so fast Summer lovin' had me a blast.....  August came and went and I have no idea what or where we went... so let me remember by going through our pictures

Mommy having fun with her new app.... My little baby is not so much a little baby, In Aug he started rolling over, getting up on his elbows and wanting to crawl.

Ty LOVES riding his bike/ quad/ scooter/ skateboard.... pretty much anything that goes fast and requires going outside

Only about 3 weeks late but I finally got a few pictures of J in his blessing outfit

Oh yes... we got sod in the backyard!!!!! Brian's Dad found some "free" sod on Craigslist. He rented a sod cutter and he and Brian and his siblings (and of course big helper T) cut/ loaded/ unloaded and patched the backyard. I love it so much!!!! T loves running through the sprinklers.

He is getting so big! He loves to help me with everything. This happened to be helping me get my settings right for a photo shoot.

T loves doing things and going places- and as I said earlier loves to dress up. Our library does a Pirate day. We dressed up and went to see what the matteys were up to. Discovered we needed to go earlier in the day, donations are not optional but required, and sno cones taste REALLY good on hot summer days!

We went to a Rivercats game with the YM/ YW. It was a lot of fun. T loved all the food and treats, not sure if he really got the game part of watching the game, but either way had alot of fun!

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Kim and Jim said...

LOVE the pictures! Baby J is growing up so fast. I'm sure he has changed a ton since this post, too! He is looking more & more like you. :)